What it Does

This section of the website will be about what the Space Tube Roads will do.

STR works in a similar fashion to the hyperloop but in space. The transportation part involves having a magnet inside the pod that repels, on all sides, the electromagnet created inside the actual tube. This pushes the pod forward at a rate of hundreds of mph through the tube. On Earth, a tube like this has to be vacuumed of all its air to reduce friction and air drag, thus making the pod go faster. In space, you can take advantage of the vacuum that is already there to achieve great speeds. The tube system would begin at a station in near-earth orbit. Passengers and cargo would get to the station in a fleet of space shuttles.

Diagram of STR

This diagram shows the tubes connected to the 8 planets + the sun, all bringing energy and people back to earth.

This is a Dyson Sphere, this collects energy from a star.

Dyson Sphere