How it will be created

This page shows how people will create the STR, assuming people like the idea and are willing to pay for it.

Space Tube Roads (STR) will be constructed by robots that will 3-D print them in space. An example of this technology is MadeInSpace's ULISSES robot. All we need to do in this scenario is to send up supplies of material to 3-D print and code the instructions for the robots to follow. The robots will be sent up to construct the tube in near-Earth orbit beyond the Karman line of 62 miles above the sea-level. The material STR will be made out of is graphene, a 1-atom-thick layer of graphite, which is what's on the tips of your pencils. Graphene is stronger than diamonds, but lighter than air. The pods will be made out of vibranium, which is a type of carbon fiber, and not a super-material from outer space like in the comics.

Ulisses Robot MadeInSpace